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Winter Tires in Cloverdale, BC

Winter Tires

Are Winter Tires Worth It?

Winter and harsh weather bring unfavourable road conditions. When you are driving on snow and ice, you need control for a safe driving experience. That is why snow tires are specifically engineered to hold air in low temperatures and provide extreme control and traction in adverse winter driving conditions compared to off-season tires.

What are the benefits of Winter Tires?

Winter tires enhance road grip, providing increased safety during wet and icy conditions. These special tires also reduce stopping distance when braking on snowy or frozen road surfaces.

Tests show that a vehicle with equipped winter tires will stop on a snow-covered road after 114 feet, while regular tires have an average braking distance of 140 feet. Even though a difference of 26 feet may not seem like much, imagine if you have to stop on an icy road suddenly and you are close to the car in front of you. Those 26 feet could be the difference between you being safe or crashing into another vehicle.

Winter tires are not only for snow or ice-covered roads. They are also very effective in cold weather. When the weather is cold, tires harden, which reduces their traction significantly. Winter tires have better traction due to softer and more flexible rubber. Also, using winter tires will extend the life of your regular all-season tires since you will be using your winter tires for the whole winter season.

On top of that, by swapping your winter tires every season, you are improving the overall well being of your vehicle. When switching a tire set, you also check your tire alignment, which is crucial to how your tires wear out. An improper wheel alignment leads to uneven tire wear, which can lead to one of your tires blowing up because it is highly worn out compared to your other tires.

So, Are Winter Tires Worth It?

The answer is: it depends. If you live in an area where the winter season is harsh, winter tires play a significant role in your overall driving experience, making it smoother and safer. Winter tires are not just needed when there is snow on the road, they provide better grip in all cold conditions. If you live in a place where temperatures get below zero often, you will most certainly be safer with a set of winter tires.

So, if you are looking for a reliable, professional, and trustworthy tire shop in Cloverdale, Foreman Auto is your solution. We have been in the tire business for more than four decades, and we have helped hundreds of happy clients keep their cars in perfect condition. We also have a wide selection of winter tires, and whatever your budget is, we will have an affordable option for you to choose from.

Whether winter tires are worth it or not is for you to decide, but if you prioritize your safety and want a high-quality set of winter tires, don’t hesitate to call us today, and we will help you with all your winter tires questions.

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