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Oil Change Service Near Me in Surrey, BC

There are numerous fluids that automobiles use to fulfill and facilitate various functions. None of these fluids is more important than your engine’s oil. Without oil, your engine won’t work.

If you’ve been noticing some engine troubles, or if it’s been a long time since you’ve had your oil changed, you might be searching, “Auto oil change Surrey”, “When should I change my oil?”, “Oil change service near me”, or something similar. Foreman’s Integra Tire Auto Centre can help. We offer a variety of auto services to drivers in the Surrey area of British Columbia.

Oil Change

“Can I get an auto oil change near me in Surrey, BC?”

You can, and it’s fast and easy if you come to Foreman’s Integra Tire. We offer professional and efficient auto oil change services.  We not only can change your engine’s oil we look for any potential signs of trouble. But just what does automotive oil do and how often should you have it changed?

Motor oil provides the cooling and lubrication your engine needs.

Typically, motor oil needs to be changed more frequently than other automotive fluids, such as transmission fluid or brake fluid. Motor oil is also, arguably, the most important fluid, at least as it relates to the functionality of your vehicle. Motor oil facilitates the operation of an internal combustion engine by cooling and lubricating it.

But oil can only do this if it’s in good condition? If you never change your oil, it will eventually become dirty and degraded. This old oil cannot cool your engine effectively. It also loses its ability to collect particulate matter and clean an engine. Instead, the oil becomes heavy and degraded by all that particulate matter, and it turns into a kind of sludge that can damage your engine.

How often are oil changes necessary?

Your vehicle manufacturer’s manual should contain a recommendation for how often you should change your oil. The generally recommended interval for an oil change is about every 5,000 km, or every three months, whichever comes first. At Foreman’s Integra Tire, we can give you a more personalized estimate based on your vehicle and your driving habits.

What about synthetic oil?

Synthetic oil is an artificial synthesis of the same petrochemical compounds found in the refined crude oil that comprises conventional oil. The process of synthetization eliminates some impurities. Synthetic oil offers a few advantages over conventional oil. Most notably, synthetic oil doesn’t need to be changed as often. The experts at Foreman’s Integra Tire can give you the information you need to decide if synthetic oil is right for your vehicle.

What about other automotive fluids?

Transmission fluid ought to be checked monthly and if it smells bad or looks opaque, it should be changed immediately. If you’ve been experiencing braking issues, your brake fluid might need to be changed. If your car has hydraulically assisted steering, this steering fluid should probably be changed about every 50,000 km.  At Foreman’s Integra Tire, we can assist with all your auto fluid needs.

Come to Foreman’s Integra Tire Auto Centre for oil change service in Surrey, BC.

If you think your vehicle could use an oil change, there’s no need to keep searching for oil change services near you. Just come to Foreman’s Integra Tire in Surrey City and we can change your oil for you.

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