When we look at a car for the first time – or the four hundredth time – we rarely notice the tires first. We look at the sleek lines, the roomy interior, the cool details. But our tires are actually the most important piece of equipment on our car. They are literally “where the rubber hits the road” and that’s what makes having the right ones ultra-important. Tires can affect the way your car handles and even impact fuel efficiency.

At Integra Tire and Auto Centre, we understand that the secret behind long tire life is matching your tires to your needs. We have access to all major brands and will do the research it takes to determine which is right for you and which fits the kind of driving you do, whether you indulge in regular long-distance journeys or just drive around town. We recognize that not every car and driver is the same and we vow to assist you in choosing the tires that will provide you with the best service for the longest amount of time.

But we don’t just sell tires. At Integra Tire and Auto Centre, we’re a full-service tire location. Not only will we install your new tires but we’ll also help you change from all-season to winter tires and will even store the ones you’re not using. In addition, we’ll handle those pesky tire repairs that often catch you off guard and we’ll tend to rotations and wheel balancing as well.

At Integra Tire and Auto Centre, we also take time to educate you about tire care and maintenance, encouraging to inspect your tires regularly and to have them rotated annually. And you can always call on us with any concerns about your tires and their performance.

For more information about tires that are right for your car, stop by or make an appointment to speak with one of our mechanics.

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