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Good vehicle maintenance is essential, especially if you want your automobile to operate at its full potential. That’s why regular maintenance checks and services such as oil changes are important in preserving and extending the life of your car.

At Integra Tire and Auto Centre, we offer maintenance services that begin with the standard oil change but encompass so much more, with each step designed to make your vehicle last longer and operate more efficiently.

Oil Changes

Our maintenance service oil change is one of the most important services we perform. Changing the oil in your car increases your gas mileage, prevents engine failure, and prevents deposits and build up inside your engine, all of which keep your vehicle’s engine running properly.

Of course, everyone needs a reminder to change the oil! Thanks to our state-of-the-art computer diagnostic system, we can actually predict when your next oil change should happen based on your usage. When you become a regular customer of Integra Tire and Auto Centre, you’ll have access to this service, which simply uses the mileage data from your previous visits to calculate the optimal time for your next oil change and maintenance check-up. It’s a convenient feature we offer to our customers, simply because we care about the health of their vehicle.

Lubricant Choices

At Integra, we carry a wide range of lubricant products so that we always have the right one for your automobile on hand. In addition to conventional oil for basic engine protection, we also offer synthetic blends and full synthetic oils for added protection. Synthetic oils can help your car start more easily in cold weather and can improve fuel economy as well as extend the time between oil changes. Inquire with your technician about our synthetic oil choices and other options as well.


Part of our regular maintenance routine involves changing your oil filter and checking your air filter. These filters have a limited life and can easily become clogged with sludge, dirt, and a variety of other debris. We’ll take care of the oil filter during your regular oil change and let you know when we think it’s time to replace your air filter as well. We’ll also examine your cabin air filter and transmission filter and make recommendations for changing those when needed.

Fluid Maintenance

Just like your body, your car is full of vital fluids that are essential to its operations. As part of our oil change maintenance service, our technicians at Integra Tire and Auto Centre will check those fluids for abnormalities and top them off when needed, ensuring they are at the proper level. These include transmission fluid, coolant, power steering fluid, and brake fluid.

Vehicle Inspections

Integra Tire and Auto Centre provides both multi-point visual inspections and full inspections of your vehicle. Visual inspections are easily accomplished during other scheduled maintenance, including tire rotations or oil changes. Just ask your service person before he/she begins the job. Full inspections may require a separate appointment with one of our maintenance technicians.

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