Engine Repair & Diagnostics

Drivability. That’s a great new buzz word. Reverse it and you’ve got its meaning. Drivability is all about a car’s ability to drive and to drive efficiently. But just what does maintaining drivability entail?

At Integra Tire and Auto Centre, your car’s drivability is our number one concern…and your engine is at the forefront of your automobile’s drivability factor. That’s why we use the latest technology to make sure it’s running properly and to perform the checks necessary to keep it running to its maximum potential.
Finding the problem

Every car is different and every car maker has their own quirks. We understand that, so we’ve invested in the best training, electronic diagnostic tools, scan tools, and scopes for diagnosing your engine’s problems.

When a check engine light comes on, we get to work. With hundreds of hours in professional development and training, dozens and dozens of cumulative years of experience, our technicians know the ins and outs of various automobile makes and models and will work quickly and thoroughly to make sure they know exactly what’s wrong with your engine. We’ve also invested in manufacturer-specific tools that make our diagnostics more precise, so you can be assured that we understand each glitch that might appear in your engine.

When a warning light comes, we always start with our “Preliminary Analysis”. This starts with identifying the recorded error in the computer control system, then looking for any related service bulletins and recalls that can get us to an answer to your vehicle’s repair solution as quickly as possible. From there we can outline a path to further testing analysis or repair required to correct the concern. This process is designed to keep you as informed and in control of your time and money as possible. Our general check engine light preliminary analysis helps us break down the problem so we can explain the issues to our clients in a clear and concise manner, outlining the path we’ll need to take to make each repair. Our processes are efficient and methodical so that you’re not waiting weeks for car repairs that should take days…or less.

Regular Fluid Checks

Of course, our regular clients know that part of preserving the life of their engine includes remembering to perform regular maintenance tasks. This includes checking fluids regularly, such as engine oil and coolants. At Integra Tire and Auto Centre, we’re here to help you with maintenance check-ups, which should include oil changes at regular intervals every 5000 km along with fluid checks to make sure each is at its proper level.

Don’t Wait!

Catching an engine problem early could mean the difference between a single component repair, or a cascade of failures. being able to repair it and having to replace it. Waiting can be costly, so at the first sign of trouble or when you hear that first strange noise, bring your car to us for analysis a quick diagnostic. Your safety depends on the prompt service we offer at Integra Tire and Auto Centre.

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