Brake Repair & Service

Quite obviously, your brakes are essential to your safety. Whether we apply them lightly or slam on our brakes to avoid an accident, they are a component of our car that should always be working properly. Brakes that are defective or are in ill-repair put us at risk for life-threatening injuries and are a threat to others as well. So, whenever that brake service light pops on, or if you “hear” or “feel” something wrong with your brakes, it’s time for them to be checked.
Squeaking and other strange noises

It’s upsetting to hear screeches, squeaks, squeals, and grinding when you apply your brakes, but those strange noises are often the first indication that you’ve got a problem. At Integra Tire and Auto Centre, the ability to diagnose those unusual noises is engrained in the knowledge we possess, honed by decades of experience working on all aspects and components of an automobile’s braking system. Combine that with a wealth of diagnostic tools at our disposal and we can likely tell you what every little squeak or screech means and then make the necessary adjustments or repairs.
Pedal pressure, vibrations, and pulling

Leaking brake fluid can also cause problems with your vehicle’s braking system. If you find you are having to push on your brakes more firmly than usual, that could be the issue. If your brake pedal vibrates and makes noise, your brake rotors may be warped. Or if you feel as if braking causes your car to pull in one direction or another, you may also have an issue that should be addressed as soon as possible.
At Integra, we’ve spent 40 years formulating brake repairs that don’t cause any problems down the line. We make sure we handle repairs and replacements the right way the first time so our customers don’t need to return with complaints about noises, pulling, or other issues.
Full service

So, whether your problem is with front brakes, rear brakes, discs, drums, ABS and ABS systems, or anti-lock brakes, we can offer a full diagnosis and repair at any of our Integra locations, providing you with service that’s top notch and technicians who will make sure that nothing puts the “brakes” on your driving pleasure.

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