Air Conditioning

On a hot summer day, it’s good to know that the air conditioning in your car is working efficiently.

If your vehicle’s air conditioning system isn’t working properly or isn’t functioning at all, visit Foremen’s Integra Tire for a repair or recharge of your AC system.

A/C Recharge 120 Day Guarentee

At Integra, we know your car’s air conditioning works extra hard during the summer and might not be able to handle the overload. So we stand ready to make quick repairs that’ll have you cooled off in a jiffy. And as an added bonus, we offer a 120-day guarantee to our valued customers. If we do an air conditioning repair or recharge and it stops working again within that time period, there’s no cost to you for a Freon recharging. (Further needed repairs are not covered under the guarantee and would need to be completed before a recharge service can be performed.)

In addition, with each repair done on your HVAC system, we insert a dye that will quickly help us identify any failures in the future, whether it’s in ten days or ten years! It helps us find leaks much more quickly and with more ease, which means we’ll be able to get your AC up and running in a more timely manner.

Need An AC Tune-Up?

Stop in to your neighborhood Integra Tire and Auto Centre or make an appointment online or by phone.


WARNING: Off-The-Shelf A/C Recharge Kits are a BAD IDEA

Do not under any circumstance purchase any off the shelf AC recharging kits. These are almost always filled with budget quality refrigerant and will most definitely contaminate the entire AC system. When a system is contaminated, professional shops cannot use their expensive and delicate equipment as they will also be contaminated. Expensive measures are required to correct this contamination before any further testing or repairs can be completed.

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