Peter Foreman (Owner)

Peter Foreman, Dave’s son, literally grew up in the shop. As a baby there was a cot in the office while Cheryl did the books! Taking Dave’s beliefs and expanding on them, Peter went out and made a career on his own in the auto parts industry before deciding to come back and help his family bring the shop into the next age of auto service and repair in 2005.

Peter is happily married with two children. His children love to visit the shop as well. Maybe there will be a third generation one day!

Justin Smith (Service Advisor)

Our service advisor, Justin, comes from a very service orientated background. His goal is make sure our clients get a 5 star experience every single visit.

When he’s not serving our clients, you may see him around town with his wife and two young children enjoying family activities.

Nic Nelson (Lead Diagnostics)

Starting in 2007 as an apprentice and making his way through schooling, Nic has become a fine Journeyman. Peter often jokes that he’s the perfect blend of computer geek and redneck that we need for this industry, but it’s pretty close to the truth.

Already taking what he’s learning from experience and watching Dave and other senior technicians do their thing, he’s become a great technician in his own rite. An outdoorsman, there’s usually no weather report that can stop Nic and his wife from getting out into the woods for camping or hunting.

Kevin Lee (Apprentice)

Kevin is the newest apprentice to the shop. Thanks to our close relationship with the local trade schools, we were approached by one of the instructors stating we needed Kevin on our team as he was the best student he had ever had. How could we say no?! He’s looking forward to creating a career in the industry and honing his craft under our mentorship. He joins a long legacy of successful apprentices to come out of our shop.

Wayne Sharpe (Lead Production & Apprenticeship Mentor)

Wayne’s experience has proven to be invaluable around the shop as our lead production technician. Always keen to take on the job and pushing our younger staff to exceed their own expectations.

HE has proudly taken our apprentices under his wing to pass his knowledge on. He’s our most lively character in the shop. If you hear laughter in the bays, you can bet it’s Wayne, or something he’s said!

Dave Foreman (Retired)

Our founder, Dave Foreman, came to Canada from New Zealand way back in 1972 with the lure of fast cars and fast bikes and grew to love this place so much he stuck around. Dave decided to start his own company in 1979 with his wife, Cheryl. He always believed in doing the job right and making sure to solve minor issues before they become a bigger problem.

For over 35 years, Dave instilled his beliefs into the shop creating a culture of maintenance that stands strong today. Dave is now happily retired and has left the shop in his son Peter’s capable hands. He loves to ride bikes and you can bet you’ll find him traveling all over the amazing roads in BC on a sunny weekend.

Integra Tire Auto Centre located in Langley City (just off the bypass) is the logical choice when you need trusted pros to look after your tires , automotive repair and vehicle maintenance.

Our team of dedicated tire and automotive repair experts provide excellent advice to ensure your car is ready for summer day trips or long haul vacations. We provide honest assessments, precise workmanship and integrity-driven service every time you visit. We’ve been serving Langley for 40 years and our technicians always go beyond expectations. We promise to do the same for you.

Call us or drive into the shop today and we would be happy to discuss your car maintenance needs and help you stay on the road. Give us the chance to show you what we can do. We’d love to make you a customer for life.

Foreman’s Integra Tire Auto Centre is a second generation family business serving the Langley, BC community since 1979. Our mission is to keep our Langley clients in control of their time and money. We do this by leveraging the latest technologies to deliver clear and specific communication in a timely manner.

If you’re in need of all-season or winter tires to keep you safe on our rainy west coast, we offer a great selection of Canada’s top brands. We can also set you up with custom and/or winter wheels to save you money on your tire changeovers.

Ask our Service Advisor, Justin Smith, about the best tires for your vehicle and he will find you the right ones for your driving needs.

Have a break-down or need mechanical services in the Langley area? We can help with any mechanical services, including oil changes, brake repairs, transmission service, battery replacement, filter changes, and more! Our Journeyman and Red Seal Technician, Nic Nelson, will get your vehicle fixed in no time so you can get back on the road.

Give us a call today to ask about how we can help you with your automotive service and tire needs in Langley.

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